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C/EChief Engineer
C/EConcurrent Engineering
C/ECalculation Experiment
C/ECalculated-to-Experimental (value or ratio)
C/Ecellular to extracellular ratio
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Jiang, "A quantitative approach to the process modeling and planning in concurrent engineering," Concurrent Engineering Research and Applications, vol.
Concurrent engineering performance: Incremental versus radical innovation.
This is an example of independent concurrent engineering across disciplines: The two activities do not affect each other, but the overall schedule is shortened.
In 2009 we developed in our university a PLM system, conceived to expand concurrent engineering techniques.
* Intimately Understand The Capabilities Of Your Individual Suppliers: It is here that concurrent engineering needs to start--with supplier engagement at the very beginning of the design cycle.
Product Design in a Concurrent Engineering Environment
The principles of concurrent engineering are sound and are designed to eliminate the brick wall syndrome.
This is the application of concurrent engineering principles to the creation of "knowledge" products.
This will link the methodologies of the disciplines of information engineering, business process reengineering and concurrent engineering. Defense IT analysts could develop a new model to support all phases of the defense systems life cycle.
The ETO environment mandates concurrent engineering, real-time data collection and monitoring, BOM, and routings management; ability to map demand accurately and smoothly, plan, and schedule it accordingly; along with various operational capabilities such as real-time pull and back flush as the backbones of supporting a successful lean manufacturing environment.
Concurrent engineering is the early involvement of a cross-functional team to plan products, processes and manufacturing activities simultaneously (Izuchukwu 1996; Ponticel 1996; Koufteros, Vonderembse and Doll 2002).
Concurrent engineering (CE) has been successfully implemented in many companies, including Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, and General Motors (1,2).
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