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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran might be speeding up efforts to boost paraxylene (PX) exports to China as South Korean refiners have reduced their gas condensates imports from Iran under US sanctions.
The NIOC offered 1 million barrels of gas condensate from South Pars to the Energy Exchange.
Iran produces and exports a large amount of plant condensates that it often classifies as crude oil.
A collection of atmospheric water and oils mixed with carried over compressor lubricants makes condensate the largest volume contaminant in a compressed air system.
This then had 125 BCM of non-associated gas and some condensates and oil.
Condensate throttling, based on Siemens' SPPA-P3000 Frequency Control Solution, is used for immediate generation of additional power for frequency control.
"When outside forces act on the condensate, the laser trap keeps them from moving.
Rough estimates of the expected quantity of condensate produced by an AHU can be calculated using rules of thumb.
Iran is seeking to raise its crude and condensate production to more than 5 mbpd by 2020, with its deputy oil minister saying that Iran's output was now almost sufficient to agree to the group limit planned last month by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
The system's gas, sulphur and condensate are supplied to LUKoil Overseas Supply & Trading Ltd which sells the high-quality liquid to the refinery.
Even the Qatar Petroleum Refinery in Um Said processes 57,000 barrels a day of condensate. It started as a small refinery in 1958 but expansions kept coming as local demand increased.
This additional moisture is then also processed out to become condensate from the dryers and filters, but this condensate also contains droplets from the compressor oil, which together cause a toxic cocktail.