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Of these three, the first was the most important from the standpoint of military operations, since this type of condensation trail was "consistently encountered" at high altitudes.
Furthermore, his report offers convincing evidence that Nead saw condensation trails over the Argonne region and not smoke trails.
The information to be provided under this contract will facilitate the Commission, the stakeholders and national authorities to have detailed information and understanding on the formation of condensation trails related to the use of biofuels and kerosene blends.
The researchers will examine the effects of condensation trails, nitrogen dioxide and other aircraft emissions.
Aircraft also spew water vapor at high altitude that forms condensation trails or "contrails," which are visible cloud lines that are common in cold, humid atmospheres.
Condensation trails, which are also known as contrails, are formed when airplanes fly at high altitudes, where the air is extremely cold.
Just one year ago, for the better part of a week, I was able to look up into the sky for the first time in my life and not see a single aircraft or the condensation trails that some aircraft leave behind, Also, missing was the engine noise that always accompanies these aircraft.
The scientists also analyzed the makeup of condensation trails, or contrails, those long, straight clouds often created by jets.
The thin, wispy clouds left behind by high-flying aircraft are known as contrails, short for condensation trails.