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CONDOContractors on Deployed Operations
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The three new projects will give us another 200 condo units.
CondoCompare's "secret sauce" is its ability to aggregate disparate data about hundreds of thousands of listings from multiple listing services (MLSs) and format this data so consumers can compare one unit or condo building to another.
Pet Restrictions, Power Hungry Board Members, Working with inexperienced agents, the challenge of financing condos in an unfinished communities and eleven more.
In the face of shrinking inventory, condo buyers were eager to act and ready to pay high prices.
They also warned that more condo owners could fall behind as adjustable-rate mortgages reset to higher rates.
Since 2001, tenants from some 12,000 rent-controlled units have been evicted to make way for condo conversions and demolitions to build new ones.
An institute official said, ''The condo supply for all of 2005 is expected to reach 86,500 units, because sales tend to gather steam in the latter half of each year.
The national median condo price is skewed relative to the national median single-family home price, Lereah said.
However, the rate of price growth has been consistently decelerating over the last year, signaling that the condo market is slowly returning to a more sustainable pace, according to the January 2015 StreetEasy Manhattan Condo Market Report.
Todd Riley - your San Fernando Valley Condo Real Estate Agent
Currently, while condo charges are still lower (partly because they do not include real estate taxes), they are not the selling point they once were, especially because the luxe add-ons are coinciding with rising fuel costs, ballooning payroll fees, and increasing property insurance premiums and security expenses.