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However, Saeed and Ghadami in a series of 183 patients (1987-92) found 122 patients having large perforation with average conductive hearing loss of 25.3 dB, 21 medium sized perforation with hearing loss of 19.2 dB and 40 small perforations with 11.35 dB hearing loss.
"Another condition that may cause conductive hearing loss is called otosclerosis, which is a hardening of the stapes bone (the smallest bone in the human body).
The ears were infection free in 44 cases (91.7%) and single perforation was commonest observation (45, 93.8%), that is in accordance with result of Wani who found single perforation in tympanic membrane in 92.3% patients while multiple perforations were found in 7.7% patients.4 Similarly in Park study the commonest finding was single perforation in TM.7 Majority of patients consulted ENT OPD after receiving trauma to ear except in cases where trauma was not resulting into any significant symptom or patient belonged to a far flung area On performing pure tone audiometry conductive hearing loss was the most common finding (38, 79.2%), while mild degree hearing loss was commonest (24, 50%) finding.
The authors highlight that the larger air-bone gap for frequencies of 500 and 1000Hz is expected due to the configuration of conductive hearing loss, a fact also observed in the present study.
Muscat, March 23 (ONA) A specialized team of ENT &Neck surgeries at the Al Nahdha Hospital of the Ministry of Health started planting Bone-anchored hearing aid known as Baha for those suffering from conductive hearing loss and congenital otorrphy.
Patients with tympanic membrane perforation and pure conductive hearing loss were included in middle ear damage, whereas patients with mixed, pure sensory neural hearing loss and vertigo fell under inner ear damage.
We present a case of Larsen syndrome being associated with ossicular malposition causing a conductive hearing loss.
Conductive hearing loss is one of the auditory disorders characterized by elevated air-conduction thresholds.
The inner ears are usually normal, but these children may have conductive hearing loss owing to the absence of the middle ears.
Although the BAHA was most commonly fitted in adults when it was first introduced, it has gradually become a popular option for children with bilateral conductive hearing loss who are too young to undergo alternative surgical options.
This differs from conductive hearing loss, which occurs when sound waves cannot transmit well through the outer or middle ear or both.
"What we have given you is conductive hearing loss which would usually be caused by a problem in the middle ear," he says.