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KKing (playing cards, chess)
KBlack (in CMYK color space)
KKindergarten (as in K-12)
KKelvin (thermodynamic temperature scale)
KKosher (symbol on food labels)
KKilo- (thousand)
KKalium (Potassium)
KSpecial K (cereal)
KOver (logging abbreviation)
KQue (Spanish)
KKritik (German: critique)
KKiller (type of white blood cell)
KCapital (economics)
KK-Mart (store)
KCarrying Capacity (population studies)
KKerry (Irish car registration)
KCologne (auto license plate)
KKey Generator
KEastern Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
KKompressor (band)
KKappa (receptor)
KKicker (football)
KLysine (amino acid)
KPermeability (physics)
KCathode (electronics)
KKetamine (animal tranquilizer/disassociative)
KKorpus (Russian, building; used in postal addresses)
KKnit Stitch
KKerrang! (British Magazine and TV Channel)
KPhylloquinone (vitamin)
KK Language (Unix-Based programming language)
KKell Blood Group
KKey/Black (printing ink in CMYK model)
KBoltzman Constant
KCoefficient of Thermal Conductivity
KKilohm (unit of electrical resistance; also seen as Kiloohm)
KKiloohm (resistor; electronics schematics)
KLudwig von Köchel (publisher of catalog of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
KKlebsiella Pneumoniae Serotype
KFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
KKeratometric Reading (contact lens fitting term)
KKellogg's Corp (stock symbol)
KConfidential Cryptographic (TMINS)
KUS Offices in China Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
KTanker Aircraft Designation (US military, as in KC-10)
KWreck Less Than $50 Damage (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
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Statsafe increases the conductivity of an insulating liquid by several orders of magnitude and is also available in a food contact approved version.
Handheld conductivity meters allow the conductivity to quickly and easily be checked to ensure target conductivity continues to be maintained after a period of time or downstream in the process.
Figure 5 shows the total electrical conductivity for different compositions at 1,823 K (1,550 [degrees]C) as a function of CO/C[O.sub.2] ratio.
Figure 7 shows the effect of the CO/C[O.sub.2] ratio on ionic conductivity at 1,823 K (1,550 [degrees]C).
Usually, two main kinds of laboratory techniques, steady-state methods [52, 53] and unsteady methods [54, 55], are utilized to measure the thermal conductivity of many kinds of materials.
Considering the theoretical background of thermal conductivity, some predictive models of thermal conductivity emerge.
So, alloy composition and thermal history were the most important factors that determine thermal conductivity [7].
On the other hand, using linear response theory the quantum Kubbo formula for Hall conductivity in current-Current correlated system is found to be
Calculation of the Fracture Conductivity. According to the space geometry theory, the equation for calculating the distance between two deformed proppants can obtained by Figure 4(a):
(2014) showed that the somatic cells count in raw milk has a significant effect on the electrical conductivity. In increasing the number of somatic cells, electrical conductivity of milk will increase (P<0.05).
As stated above, there have been a number of theoretical or empirical models for predicting thermal conductivity of polymer binary composite systems, such as Russell model [14], Maxwell-Eucken model [15], Bruggeman model [16], ChengVachon model [17], and Liang-Qiu model [12].
However, the determined RQ (2) for conductivity showed risk in reference to WHO guideline of 250 uS/cm.