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"If a single member should attempt to usurp the supreme authority, he could not be supposed to have an equal authority and credit in all the confederate states.
"Should a popular insurrection happen in one of the confederate states the others are able to quell it.
An exact equality of suffrage between the members has also been insisted upon as a leading feature of a confederate government.
Examination disclosed abundant evidence that within a half-hour the cedar forest had been occupied by a strong force of Confederate infantry--an ambuscade.
In cases where it may be doubtful on which side justice lies, what better umpires could be desired by two violent factions, flying to arms, and tearing a State to pieces, than the representatives of confederate States, not heated by the local flame?
Among the advantages of a confederate republic enumerated by Montesquieu, an important one is, "that should a popular insurrection happen in one of the States, the others are able to quell it.
When Wilson tried to connect her with the stealing raid, and thought she might have been the old woman' confederate, if not the very thief disguised as an old woman, Tom seemed stuck, and also much interested, and said he would keep a sharp eye out for this person or persons, although he was afraid that she or they would be too smart to venture again into a town where everybody would now be on the watch for a good while to come.
The clothing was gray, the uniform of a Confederate soldier.
At the fork of the road, a little to one side, they found two bodies lying close together--that of a Federal officer and that of a Confederate private.
I spent nearly a year prospecting in company with another Confederate officer, Captain James K.
Tarzan had released Rokoff, who, with his confederate, Paulvitch, had hastened from the smoking-room.
``I must be clerk, then,'' said the Black Knight; and taking the letter from Locksley, he first read it over to himself, and then explained the meaning in Saxon to his confederates.
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