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Universal laws do not fail, and this gives confidence.
Economic confidence rose last week among various demographic and political subgroups, including some that have been pessimistic about the economy this year.
Along party lines, 84 percent of Democrats trust the executive branch and 71 percent have faith in the judiciary while only 18 percent of Republicans have confidence in the executive branch and 51 percent approve of the judiciary.
UNDERCONFIDENT TEENS JESSICA, who has just won another gold medal at the World Championships in Beijing, has joined a host of other celebrities, including Davina McCall and Melvyn Bragg, to highlight the importance of confidence for young people as part of October's Confidence Month.
Five things to know about Americans' low confidence in the government and other institutions:
The first quarter 2014 report showed an increase in the Overall Confidence Index to 9.
The Index has been tracking SME confidence and behaviour in Australia since 1993.
On the other hand, confidence in industry has registered a small decrease (-0.
CEO confidence in emerging markets in ASEAN nations -- a 15-nation group comprising countries of Southeast Asia -- dropped 5.
The Trait Sport Confidence Inventory [21] was developed to assess how confident athletes generally feel, when they compete in sport.
According to Adri Vermeulen, Chief Executive of PPS Namibia, while the overall confidence level among Namibian graduate professionals fell 2 percentage points to 67% from the previous three months, it should also be borne in mind that overall confidence levels continue to remain high.
In the study by Smith (2013) in this issue on readmissions in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), some results were reported with confidence intervals, abbreviated CI.