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CONFConfiguration File (Unix file extension)
CONFChattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (Gainesville, GA)
CONFConference Call
CONFConfiguration Failure
CONFContracting Flight (US Air Force)
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But as I had none but passing thoughts for any subject save Dora, I glanced at her, directly afterwards, and was thinking that I saw, in her prettily pettish manner, that she was not very much inclined to be particularly confidential to her companion and protector, when a bell rang, which Mr.
Papa calls her my confidential friend, but I am sure she is no such thing - is she, Jip?
We won't be confidential, and we'll make ourselves as happy as we can in spite of her, and we'll tease her, and not please her - won't we, Jip?
I don't understand your confidential relations with Julian Gray.
Both of these worthy gentlemen were most anxious to have news of the invalid from her little confidential messenger.
The statute also requires that EPA identify a chemical using the UI in any non-confidential information containing reference to a confidential chemical identity.
This despite Comelec Chair Andres Bautista's earlier assertion the poll agency needed P30 million in confidential or intelligence funds to address incidents like the hacking of its website in March.
Develop Clear Policies and Procedures Regarding the Handling, Storage and Disposal of Confidential Data.
For instance, a review of calls and filings shows that not all filers are marking their documents as confidential or noting they contain confidential information when they contain sensitive information as defined in the Rules of Judicial Administration.
The "Document Security Survey" by Harris Interactive for FileTrek found a majority (68%) of the Millennial generation (ages 18-34) believe it is acceptable to remove confidential information from the office.
According to the "2012 FileTrek Document Security Survey," an evaluation of 2,625 Americans age 18 and older--90 percent of adults--said they think other employees are removing confidential documents from the workplace, and 79 percent said they think doing so is grounds for termination.
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