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10-35Confidential Information (police code)
10-35Major Crime or Incident Alert (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Employees should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from using or disclosing confidential information and requiring them to return all confidential information and company property before they leave.
Train company employees in the policy and proper handling of company confidential information, and their security responsibilities.
The two informed the Finance Committee that Russia still has Cyprus on a tax C[pounds sterling]black listC[yen] while Germany plans to cancel its double taxation treaty with Cyprus if the government doesnCOt take measures to permit the exchange of confidential information.
McLaren face charges that "between March and July 2007, in breach of Article 151c of the sporting code, McLaren had unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to Ferrari, including information that could be used to design, engineer, build check, test, develop and run a 2007 Ferrari Formula 1 car."
Everyday threats, such as thefts of confidential information and corporate assets, are the primary concern for all businesses.
The case of Hewlett-Packard, which monitored the communication of its own board of directors, indicates that not only do employees feel that they are no longer empowered, but so too do board members, causing them to leak confidential information.
According to the lawsuit Mesa signed two confidentiality agreements in 2005 and January 2006, stating that the company would only use the confidential information for the purpose of pursuing an investment and that, if there was no investment, Mesa would promptly destroy Aloha's confidential information, including financial records, business plans, internal forecasts, customer lists and other highly sensitive data regarding projections for the inter-island market.
Mesa had access to confidential information when it expressed an interest in acquiring Hawaiian more than two years ago at a time when that carrier was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.
A June survey of 50 executives by Merrill Lynch found 52 percent rated leaks of confidential information as their No.
According to the company, Advestigo's software solutions enable IT managers to monitor and control data stored on networks and workstations, and to prevent the deliberate or accidental leak of confidential information. The first product, AdvestiCHECK, released on Friday (30 June), allows companies to monitor and scan IT networks (SAN, NAS servers and other), as well as workstations, and to identify any unauthorized storage of illegal, copyrighted or confidential data.
They can pilfer confidential information, steal identities, and even pose as legitimate entities, according to Bill Rosenkrantz, group manager at Santa Monica-based Symantec Security Response.
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