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We explain the nature of the conflict of interest that produces the class struggle."
"But there should be no conflict of interest!" I cried.
But always, it seemed, were the black pirates of Barsoom victorious, and the girl, brought miraculously unharmed through the conflict, borne away into the outer darkness upon the deck of a swift flier.
As she ceased talking a new element was instilled into the conflict. It came from a source equally unlooked for by either thern or pirate.
But it passed gradually into a sporadic conflict over half a continent.
The Asiatic invasion of America completely effaced the German-American conflict. It vanishes from history.
" But still we are looking at a conflict. You say it is not a conflict of classes and not a conflict of interests.
Let that be as it might, Hard-Heart had no sooner received the brief congratulations of his band, and communicated to the chiefs such facts as were important to be known, than he prepared himself to act such a part in the coming conflict, as would at once maintain his well-earned reputation, and gratify his secret wishes.
And so, unmolested, Tarzan passed from the camp of the Abyssinians, from which the din of conflict followed him deep into the jungle until distance gradually obliterated it entirely.
In this kind of conflict, Fortune, which, in the personal attack, seemed to incline to Jones, was now altogether as favourable to his enemy.
My meditations were interrupted by a tremendous noise and conflict in another part of the cafe.
As the matter is, disturb not the peaceful hall with vaunts of the issue of the conflict, which you well know cannot take place.