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Of course, that congestion last winter pulled me down a little.
But to do so was to discover a whole new world of architectural beauty, of exquisite ascendant lines, and long after the central congestion had been relieved by tunnels under the sea, four colossal bridges over the east river, and a dozen mono-rail cables east and west, the upward growth went on.
The doctor reported that he had died of congestion of the lungs; and the jury gave their verdict accordingly.
Marlow who was lanky, loose, quietly composed in varied shades of brown robbed of every vestige of gloss, had a narrow, veiled glance, the neutral bearing and the secret irritability which go together with a predisposition to congestion of the liver.
There was no peculiar indication in any organ -- an excitement of the nervous system -- that was it; a case of cerebral congestion -- nothing more.
There is a congestion of prisoners in the Bastile, who were cooped up in the time of Monsieur de Richelieu; I don't even know their names.
The others were listening to Brady's description of traffic congestion at the Rush Street bridge during the rush hour at night.
Every girl was deep in study except Miss Carpenter, who, pretending to pick up a fallen book, was purple with suppressed laughter and the congestion caused by stooping.
Once the telephone business was started, it had to be kept going; and as it grew, there came one after another a series of congestions.
For visitors traveling to areas like Washington, DC, traffic congestion may be expected.
Keywords: multipath congestion control, MPTCP, multimedia streaming, fairness, load balancing
The economic cost of traffic congestion in the country in 2015 is estimated to be between QR5.