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CGLMConglomerate (lithological term)
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This month, Ambani's Reliance Industries conglomerate will launch Reliance Jio, a telecoms data business.
Headquartered in in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Group operates Avianca Brazil throughout Brazil and controls Avianca a conglomerate of former, AviancaTaca, Aerogal, Tampa and other smaller regional airlines, that operate in the Americas and, to and from Europe.
Dubai World, a government-owned conglomerate, is expected to make a formal request for a debt standstill on $26 billion at a creditor's meeting on Monday, reports Reuters.
Two oil conglomerates won two licenses over the Majnoon oilfield, which would produce 1.
Chang said none of the top-100 conglomerates in Taiwan has been toppled by the global meltdown, indicative of their strong fundamentals.
In the macro-level study, I use various conglomerate return indexes to capture the value difference between a portfolio of conglomerates and a portfolio of focused firms.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- The popular belief that conglomerates would generate higher shareholder returns if they focused on fewer business is not only empirically unfounded, it is also potentially counterproductive, according to a new study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published today.
Eventually, the loans were called in, the debtors were unable to pay, and the businessman found himself--along with many of his fellow spendthrifts--working for that same predatory conglomerate.
David Michonski, CEO Coldwell Banker Hunt & Kennedy--an independently owned and operated firm which is not part of Cendant--is among the skeptics who said the move echoes those of other large conglomerates including Sears Roebuck and Prudential.
Cendant, whose stock price never fully recovered from a 1998 accounting scandal, is the latest conglomerate to decide that its separate businesses are worth more split apart.
For instance, when a financial conglomerate becomes aware that a corporate borrower of a bank under its umbrella has fallen into financial difficulties, the parent unit might have the borrower issue debentures through a securities firm, also under its umbrella, thus recovering the loaned money the affiliated bank has extended.
That appears to be what is happening now with Tyco International, whose creation of an enormous conglomerate -- driven by a pell-mell acquisition strategy during the past decade -- has been questioned by management itself.