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CGLMConglomerate (lithological term)
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Mega Conglomerate wants to acquire 424 million shares in Dewan Cement, which constitute 87.
This group, in turn, is made up of construction and infrastructure conglomerate Megawide Corp.
LAHORE -- In another big acquisition news, Mega Conglomerate (Pvt) Ltd is set to acquire 15.
When we held rallies last October to protest Lotte's pet business, the conglomerate denied its plan for the business," the association said in a statement.
MPIC), the tollways and infrastructure conglomerate chaired by tycoon Manuel V.
Oligocene-Pliocene Vihowa group represents Chitarwata (grey ferruginous sandstone, conglomerate and mud), Vihowa (red ferruginous shale/mud, sandstone and conglomerate), Litra (greenish grey sandstone with subordinate conglomerate and mud), and Chaudhwan (mud, conglomerate and sandstone) formations, and Pleistocene-Holocene Sakhi Sarwar group represents Dada (well developed conglomerate with subordinate mud and sandstone) and Sakhi Sarwar Formation (poorly developed conglomerate with subordinate mud and sandstone, while in center of valleys the mud is dominant) concealed at places especially in the Chaudhwan valleys and plain areas by the Subrecent and Recent fluvial and eolian deposits.
Diamond drilling at the recently discovered Cobble Zone (news release dated July 11, 2016) is scheduled to start in the second half of October and will test the extent of gold mineralization in both the stacked and basal conglomerate units in that area.
Xpress Lawn Care is one of those lawn care businesses that will be taking advantage of the services that Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC has to offer.
The birth of Alphabet, Google's new holding company, prompted much talk of a conglomerate renaissance.
For instance, researchers have found cork conglomerate to have superior acoustic dampening performance as compared to foam when used as the core material in a composite sandwich structure.
On internal governance rules, the committee recommendsaaddressing requirements and responsibilities to a designated entity within the financial conglomerate, according to fixed criteria.
23, 2009 (CENS)--Linyuan Group remained Taiwan's largest conglomerate in terms of total assets in 2008, followed by the newly established Taiwan Financial Holding Company, according to a survey by the Taipei-based China Credit Information Service, Ltd.