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Now that the Democrats have taken control of the House and Senate, they have pledged to cut back on the kinds of ``earmarks'' that help fund special projects such as the Cross-Valley Connector.
What this means, in effect, is that as the market leader in connector technology in motorsport, a position it has forged for itself, Deutsch UK is laying down the claim within the group to retain this role.
However, if you hook up a five-pin connector to a six-pin receptacle, you will lose either a ground or duplex capabilities depending upon the piece of equipment.
Combined with the existing capabilities of Jacada Integrator Host Screen Connector, companies can now access the business logic and data in their legacy mainframe environments either through a non-intrusive, screen-based approach or by directly connecting to the existing CICS or IMS transactions.
A Service Connector might spend an hour a month referring an individual client to needed social services, while a social worker might spend an hour a day providing those services.
Though the cable has been updated for use in high-speed data transfers, the ATA connector has remained the standard 40-pin dual row header to maintain backward compatibility.
Click anywhere off the connector to complete the process.
0 signal connector was developed by Molex's Commercial Div.
Waterproof connectors are widely used in electronic instrumentation, wireless communication equipment, solar system connector, outdoor LED, automatic industry, military affairs equipment, medical equipment, electric vehicle, and measuring equipment.
Saturate the tissue with the alcohol and use your finger and fingernail to clean the connector area.
Because the flange and bolt have been deleted from the equation, the space required for the connector is reduced.
Human Services officials said they would only allow Service Connector staff to be interviewed as a group, which would include department officials.