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Fibretool's new One-Click cleaner is designed to remove dust and oil adhering to the ferrule end-face of the fibre optic connector with one push mechanical action.
End applications, such as automotive, continue to drive connector development.
This vendor has introduced new ERFV RF coax connectors for 5G wireless applications.
One of the key trends has been the growth of hybrid connectors, which combine signal, power, and data all on one connector.
Four displacement sensors were installed at the same elevation as the welded stud connector to measure the relative slip between the concrete slab and the steel beam.
There is a theoretical concern mentioned often in connector labs that the lab test methods (speeds) used today do not match the actual use of the part when assembled.
The new connector will actually be smaller and thinner than the current Surface connector, but will still have magnets inside in order to make it easier to attach and detach.
Borsack hopes connector and other manufacturers will consider exploring the automated 3D systems for use in their manufacturing process.
This process exposed another potential problem: The industry was using the 60A rated connector at 50A, the 100A rated connector at 85A, and all were being used at 125V, even though they had a 250V rating, which meant that those connectors were not a reliable indicator of the voltage and current applied to them.
The durometer was first tested in an exemplar connector. Then, each reportedly failed hose was visually inspected, measured and photographed both externally and internally to document the condition of the hose upon receipt.
Oakwood, GA, July 19, 2015 --( There are as many terms used to describe waterproof connectors as there are reasons for needing one, such as water resistant, water repellent, and watertight.