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CONQUESTComputerized Needs-Oriented Quality Measurement Evaluation System
CONQUESTConcurrent Queries over Space and Time (data mining)
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It was a matter of public knowledge, they said, that after the conquest of King William, his Norman followers, elated by so great a victory, acknowledged no law but their own wicked pleasure, and not only despoiled the conquered Saxons of their lands and their goods, but invaded the honour of their wives and of their daughters with the most unbridled license; and hence it was then common for matrons and maidens of noble families to assume the veil, and take shelter in convents, not as called thither by the vocation of God, but solely to preserve their honour from the unbridled wickedness of man.
The Anglo-Saxons were for a long time fully occupied with the work of conquest and settlement, and their first literature of any importance, aside from 'Beowulf,' appears at about the time when 'Beowulf' was being put into its present form, namely in the seventh century.
For a hundred years, throughout the ninth century, the Danes, appearing with unwearied persistence, repeatedly ravaged and plundered England, and they finally made complete conquest of Northumbria, destroyed all the churches and monasteries, and almost completely extinguished learning.
Footnote: Vivid though inaccurate pictures of life and events at the time of the Norman Conquest are given in Bulwer-Lytton's 'Harold' and Charles Kingsley's 'Hereward the Wake.
not that alone: but, then, I was so much admired; and I made so MANY conquests in that one night--you'd be astonished to hear--'
I should like to enjoy myself thoroughly, and coquet with all the world, till I am on the verge of being called an old maid; and then, to escape the infamy of that, after having made ten thousand conquests, to break all their hearts save one, by marrying some high-born, rich, indulgent husband, whom, on the other hand, fifty ladies were dying to have.
Ay, you will make conquests enough, I dare say, one way or other.
They went on for some time, dividing up the people and the treasure of Oz in advance of the conquest.
And it is said that the women were so tired eating of their husbands' cooking that they all hailed the conquest of Jinjur with Joy.
Conquests would be as easy to be made as difficult to be retained.
The Toyota Hilux Conquest gets a redesigned front end that emphasizes a more rugged look.
The company is very pleased to an nounce that all shareholders of Northern Nickel have voted in favour of the transaction and agreed to transfer 100 per cent of the shares of Northern Nickel to Conquest in exchange for Conquest shares," said company president-CEO Benjamin Batson in a news release.