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CONSOLANConsolidated (Low or Medium Frequency) Long-Range Aid to Navigation
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31) On the other hand, the expiration of consolidated losses either before or after the effective date will cause a negative basis adjustment for determinations made after the effective date.
Consolidated will lead to a definitive agreement, or if an agreement is reached, that any transaction will be consummated.
When the losses were consolidated, they offset income from affiliates in both jurisdictions.
Consolidated bonds and notes are secured by net revenues of the authority and a pledge of the general reserve and consolidated bond reserve funds.
As a consolidated return filer, the WorldCom group apparently takes the position that Sec.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am pleased to submit these comments on the proposed regulations under sections 446 and 1221, relating to the treatment of hedging transactions entered into by members of consolidated groups.
However, Consolidated has already shown us that it is fully capable of moving our projects in this U.
The transaction must be analyzed under separate-return tax principles, under which P and S do not join in the filing of a consolidated return.
belief on the date of preparing the Fourth Quarter Consolidated Financial
This item explores the lack of symmetry between these two provisions and how this affects corporations filing a consolidated return.
In respect of using IAS for company tax purposes, TEI is pleased to submit the following written comments on the Consultation Document, The application of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in 2005 and the implications for the introduction of a consolidated tax base for companies' EU-wide activities issued in February 2003 ("Consultation Document").
For those who have not consolidated, the good news is you already owe less money this year because of falling interest rates, and consolidating can protect you from future rate increases.
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