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K$Constant Dollars
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Citigroup's end of period depositswere $997 billion as of quarter end, an increase of 4% from the prior-year period on both a reported and a constant dollar basis.
International revenue increased 2 percent (up 8 percent in constant dollars); excluding acquisitions and divestitures and on an adjusted basis, international revenue increased 4 percent (up 10 percent in constant dollars); China revenue increased 21 percent (up 29 percent in constant dollars);
* Full-year consolidated net premiums written were $30.6 billion, a 4.6 percent increase over 2017, or 4.1 percent in constant dollars. Full-year P/C net premiums written were $28.3 billion, a 4.4 percent increase over 2017, or 4 percent in constant dollars.
When using the term constant dollars, one should state the date upon which those dollars were "locked" into place.
In constant dollars, Citicorp end of period loans grew 5%, with 7% growth in corporate loans to $301 billion and 2% growth in consumer loans to $273 billion.
In constant dollars, early boomers circa 1979 enjoyed a median household income of over $50,000 compared to millennials who bring in just under $40,000; suffered a 7% poverty rate compared to 22% today; and had an 87% likelihood of lifetime employment compared to 82% today.
Excluding the results of all hotels under renovation, RevPAR increased by 2.9% in constant dollars (2.2% in actual dollars).
According to the report, over the decade from 1997-98 to 2007-08, in constant dollars, average salaries for public schoolteachers declined 1 percent while inflation increased 31.4%.
Between fiscal years 1998 and 2007, BLM, the Forest Service, EPA, and OSM spent at least $2.6 billion (in 2008 constant dollars) to reclaim abandoned hardrock mines.
For a surprising look at gasoline prices in both current and constant dollars, see: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/veiclesandfuels/facts/2006_fcvt_fotw426.html
At private two-year colleges, average compensation rose over the period to $37,300 from $32,700 in constant dollars. Fringe benefits went to $7,200 from $6,000.
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