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Personal estate (as has been before remarked), from the difficulty in tracing it, cannot be subjected to large contributions, by any other means than by taxes on consumption. In populous cities, it may be enough the subject of conjecture, to occasion the oppression of individuals, without much aggregate benefit to the State; but beyond these circles, it must, in a great measure, escape the eye and the hand of the tax-gatherer.
Suppose a share assessed to each person of one or two francs for the consumption of salt and you obtain ten or a dozen millions; the modern "gabelle" disappears, the poor breathe freer, agriculture is relieved, the State receives as much, and no tax-payer complains.
She never was in a consumption. It was a fever; and it is gone: her pulse is as slow as mine now, and her cheek as cool.'
She is as lanky as a plucked chicken in consumption, and, with Phaldoni (her servant), constitutes the entire staff of the establishment.
Her disorder turned to a galloping Consumption and in a few days carried her off.
There was a regular supply of inexpensive fiction written to order by poor hacks for the consumption of the illiterate.
The lunch hour in the office was only partly spent by Denham in the consumption of food.
Figure 4 shows the indirect tax burden rate for each consumption expenditure item and income group.
Ordinary diesel consumption decreased by 4%, that of unleaded gasoline 13% against an increase of 14% for diesel 50.
Consumption growth reflects a variety of both persistent and transitory factors.
While some papers put a special focus on one or many forms of anti-consumption, other papers contrast anti-consumption practices with aspects of excessive consumption, over-consumption, and materialism.
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