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Further, it will be showcasing this new product and other innovative test contactors at the Burn-in & Test Strategies (BiTS) Workshop from 5th to 8th March in Mesa, Arizona.
Johnstech will also request that the court permanently bar JF Microtechnology from offering for sale or importing the Zigma(TM) test contactor, and spare parts for the same, for the life of Johnstech's patent.
Asia-Pacific leads the vacuum contactor market globally with the biggest market share and is expected to grow with a high CAGR among the other regions.
The Solicon Reversing Contactor DRC3R includes an interlock control that allows only off, forward and reverse operation in a safe mode while providing high space saving; it switches instantaneously upon application of the control voltage unless an instantaneous change of direction is commanded, then it will delay the direction change by 100msec in order to prevent simultaneous forward and reverse operations.
As soon as I touched the ratchet to the contactor and gave it one turn, I experienced a jolt of pain in my thumb and saw a surprising flash of light.
Once your unit receives the replacement contactor, you must ship the failed contactor to Ametek.
I sent samples of the nano membrane and the membrane contactor modules to a medical research centre so they are used in an artificial lung," Bakeri said, adding, "Fortunately, the experiment results showed that the performance of the synthesized membrane is higher than that of the commercial membrane produced by Membrana Company in the USA, which is currently used in artificial lungs presented to the market.
The controllers provide the intelligence to sense the proper conditions to initiate a transfer and a retransfer of the contactor.
Watlow previously did not supply the current transformer or mechanical contactor.
The motor is transferred from the drive to the AC line via a drive contactor and a bypass contactor.
Nestled within the heart of high speed RFIC and MMIC test systems is the contactor (or socket), a tiny component that has importance far greater than its size suggests.
The first contactor provides alkalinity to allow proper alum flocculation to occur.