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* Acquisition financing for $625,000 for a four story, non-elevatored building containing eight Class A apartments located in Brooklyn, NY.
Because charm-quark-containing particles are so readily produced at HERA, researchers belonging to what's known as DESY's H1 team decided to seek evidence of pentaquarks containing charm quarks in data from past HERA runs.
It's easy to get samples of water containing more oxygen-18 than normal water does.
Conventional curing systems containing PVS are said to generate polysulfidic and hybrid crosslinks; the latter containing the hexamethylene-1,6-dithiyl group.
Ward, "Bonding Properties of Core Process Binders on Reclaimed Spent Sands Containing Bentonite," Acme Resin Corp., Forest Park, IL, March 1992.
* $5,700,000 for 5 five-story contiguous town houses containing a total of 25 units, located on 38th Avenue in Queens, New York.
But it is not that much effective like HTSNa, especially ins a compound containing a higher amount of sulfur (ref.
Alloys containing more than 2 wt.% Mg, such as 5XX series alloys, are especially sensitive to Na.
* Acquisition financing of $367,500 for a two story, mixed use, non-elevatored buildings containing two Class A apartments and one commercial unit located in South Ozone Park, NY.
A diet containing fish oil, which is rich in healthful omega-3 fatty acids, reduces symptoms of a colitis-like condition in rats, according to new research.
The candles were burned in a combustion chamber for 2-4 hours, and the fumes were captured in a trap containing nitric acid, which dissolved the lead aerosols.
The phosphorous containing materials promote dehydration by the formation of an acid.
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