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Didn't he suffer contamination from the indolence of Captain Anthony, I inquired.
But with the judge it is otherwise; since he governs mind by mind; he ought not therefore to have been trained among vicious minds, and to have associated with them from youth upwards, and to have gone through the whole calendar of crime, only in order that he may quickly infer the crimes of others as he might their bodily diseases from his own self-consciousness; the honourable mind which is to form a healthy judgment should have had no experience or contamination of evil habits when young.
It seemed to me that a stronger breeze would have blown away the contamination which clung to the ship.
The influence of example on one hand, and the contamination of too free an intercourse on the other, began to manifest themselves, even in that portion of his own flock, which he had supposed to be too thoroughly folded in spiritual government ever to stray.
However, the most astonishing and, if I may so express myself, the most painful, thing in this matter, is that you cannot even understand, young man, that Lizabetha Prokofievna, only stayed with you because you are ill, --if you really are dying--moved by the pity awakened by your plaintive appeal, and that her name, character, and social position place her above all risk of contamination. Lizabetha Prokofievna!" he continued, now crimson with rage, "if you are coming, we will say goodnight to the prince, and--"
The contamination of her crime spread out, tainted the universe, tainted himself; woke up all the dormant infamies of the world; caused a ghastly kind of clairvoyance in which he could see the towns and fields of the earth, its sacred places, its temples and its houses, peopled by monsters--by monsters of duplicity, lust, and murder.
Groundwater monitoring well data showed PFOS contamination levels as high as 42,000 ppt beneath the marsh and surface water contamination as a high as 1,410 ppt.
Phloxine B dye was used to determine the contamination. The images of the burs were taken and enlarged at 15X before subjected to visual assessment.
Low levels of contamination were found near the trailers, on a jersey barrier, a vehicle hood, the ground and a trash can.
Here, the unique USTER 'dual control' approach to removing cotton contamination at both blowroom and winding machine has delivered remarkable results.
PCBA contamination is defined here as ionic contamination that may cause a reliability issue with the product.
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