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CXTCellular Extension
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CXTCommon External Tariff
CXTConcentration X Time
CXTC Exploration Tools (programming)
CXTConventional Xmas Tree (oilfield production equipment)
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He did not, and could not, understand the meaning of words apart from their context.
Just so, I maintain (he continues), does a given undivided portion of experience, taken in one context of associates, play the part of a knower, of a state of mind, of
consciousness'; while in a different context the same undivided bit of experience plays the part of a thing known, of an objective 'content.
It is highly probable that these poems were interpolations into the "Catalogues" expanded by later poets from more summary notices in the genuine Hesiodic work and subsequently detached from their contexts and treated as independent.
You can't quote that without its context, you know.
These mysterious sentences, snatched from an unknown context,--like strange horns of beasts, and leaves of unknown plants, brought from some far-off region,--gave boundless scope to her imagination, and were all the more fascinating because they were in a peculiar tongue of their own, which she could learn to interpret.
But I was sorely put out by the absence of all else - of the body to my imagined instrument - of the text for my context.
Context Context Context: How Our Blindness to Context Cripples Even the Smartest Organizations
To support libraries across the US commemorating the total solar eclipse with programs and events, Gale, a Cengage company, announced on Wednesday that it is offering free open access to its In Context product suite through 15 September 2017.
As a typical illustration, when a cue is paired with an outcome in an specific background context A, and then extinction is conducted in a different, but equally familiar context B, if the organism is taken back to the original context during the test, response to the cue is renewed (ABA renewal, i.
However, IPTV services personalization is still in its infancy, where the consideration of the context of the user and his environment (devices and network) and the distinguishing of each user in a unique manner still presents a challenge.
Context switch effects and Context Experience in Rats' Conditioned Taste Aversion