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CONEDContinuing Education
CONEDConsolidated Edison Company of New York
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NACE joins two other Haymarket divisions--Haymarket Medical Education and global medical education website myCME--to expand Haymarket's Continuing Education offerings.
The AJPH program is just one of the many continuing education opportunities available through APHA.
New content resulting from the new partnership with Clarion UX is expected to be available as part of the fire continuing education course library in early 2019.
All of these functions fall under the definition of professional development, and extend well beyond continuing education.
Continuing education is considered essential in providing quality social work services for clients.
Make continuing education one component of annual employee appraisals.
Traditional nursing assignments, such as direct patient care, nursing administration, and nursing education, provide various options for continuing education focus areas.
Individuals who become Associate members on or after July 1 will be placed on five-year continuing education requirement cycles beginning the July 1 following their admission to Associate membership.
June 3: SCC Continuing Education Course-Scale Up & Processing Cosmetic Formulations, Chicago Hilton.
Continuing education centers mainly organize activities for the society in the fields that have gained importance on the improvement of individuals with a view of career building, improving professional knowledge and skills, achieving new skills and supplying individual development needs.
28-29: Continuing Education Workshop; Relapse and Recovery: Strategies to Maintain Change; TAPE Educational Services; Toronto; 416-929-3396
Queens College will offer real estate licensing and continuing education courses in the spring 2008 semester.
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