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KTRKingston Token Ring
KTRKids That Rip (sports instruction; Mesa, AZ)
KTRKingstree (Amtrak station code; Kingstree, SC)
KTRKeys to Recovery (support group; various locations)
KTRKeep Them Rolling
KTRKatherine, Northern Territory, Australia - Tindal (Airport Code)
KTRKnown Theft Report
KTRKingstree, South Carolina (train station code)
KTRKauai Test Range
KTRKeyboard Typing Reperforator
KTRK Terminal Reliability (K = number of terminals)
KTRKer-Train Research (Canada)
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Oh, Semyon the contractor came the day after you left.
He went straight from the cowhouse to the counting house, and after a little conversation with the bailiff and Semyon the contractor, he went back to the house and straight upstairs to the drawing room.
Lady Tippins next canvasses the Contractor, of five hundred thousand power.
The payment of his bills against the Exchequer gave him some hopes for the future, but, in spite of all efforts to ingratiate himself, Napoleon's hatred to the contractors who had speculated on his defeat made itself felt; du Bousquier was left without a sou.
"Try the farmers-general and contractors, who, during ten years, have been robbing the state."
Now will the city have to fill and swell with a multitude of callings which are not required by any natural want; such as the whole tribe of hunters and actors, of whom one large class have to do with forms and colours; another will be the votaries of music--poets and their attendant train of rhapsodists, players, dancers, contractors; also makers of divers kinds of articles, including women's dresses.
A gleam of light came, when Billy got a job driving a grading team for the contractors of the big bridge then building at Niles.
Many contractors paid themselves upon the offices of the duke.
'You should get better coals out of your contractors,' said the apothecary's deputy, breaking a lump on the top of the fire with the rusty poker; 'these are not at all the sort of thing for a cold night.'
And this was the easiest thing in the world for him to do, because Erik was one of the chief contractors under Philippe Garnier, the architect of the Opera, and continued to work by himself when the works were officially suspended, during the war, the siege of Paris and the Commune.
1 Instructions are generally not given by the company to the contractor
His perspective was that the FCS acquisition takes major weapon system procurements to the next level of complexity, and using an LSI is merely taking the customary role of a prime contractor to the next level.