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So exquisite is the adaptation of Bass to Treble, of Tenor to Contralto, that oftentimes the Loved Ones, though twenty thousand leagues away, recognize at once the responsive note of their destined Lover; and, penetrating the paltry obstacles of distance, Love unites the three.
The Wooer's voices may perhaps accord with one of the future wives, but not with both; or not, at first, with either; or the Soprano and Contralto may not quite harmonize.
In spite of the chorus in the other room, she was singing some servants' hall song in a rather husky contralto, to the accompaniment of the organ.
Concert organiser George Barber, who is the organist and choirmaster at the church, said: "It's unusual that someone so young can develop the rich tone required for contralto singing.
Holmfirth Choral Society (from left) contralto Sally Perkins, tenor David Heathcote, conductor Dr Geoffrey Lockwood, bass Matthew Brook and soprano Bethany Seymour
Contralto Karen Esquivel will join the five members of the group.
While many accomplished contraltos maintain diverse concert careers and record frequently, few manage to develop an equally busy stage career, a disparity that even Canada's other best-known contralto, Maureen Forrester, experienced.
The female voice categories for Kloiber are essentially subdivisions of soprano, mezzo soprano and contralto.
In traffic, changing stations, sick of the news where a woman with a rich European contralto commemorates her friends, their great hearts and their souls at this moment departing.
I had forgotten her nasal contralto, its feathery edges, and the smell of old honey and almonds whenever she moved through the kitchen-- as she does now, suddenly, to hug then hold me at arm's length, like a wooden nutcracker, her pale eyes searching mine, ardent for anything I could spare, a little piece of me, a soul-scrap tossed like bad meat to the yapping dogs in the street
Capable yet restrained productions from industry vets Jamey Jaz (Rashaan Patterson and Tevin Campbell) and Rex Rideout make for pleasant, funky backdrops ("Been Here" and the lead single, "Alright"), but one can almost feel Ledisi's rich, gymnastic contralto trying not to tumble over the edges of the tracks.
Her voice is a strong contralto that projects itself with clarity and articulation in Spanish, English and Portuguese languages.