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Motor fuel another major contributor - showed inflation of 24.9pc in June compared to 17.3pc in June 2018.
In the Real Property Tax payment sector, Madam Adeline Morris was named as highest tax contributor for industrial property, the residential property highest tax contributor award was received by Bong County Senator Henrique Tokpa, while Total-Liberia was recognized as the highest tax contributor for commercial property.
The Social Security Organisation (Socso) will introduce an online system by end of 2019 in an effort to curb third parties and syndicates making false claims on behalf of contributors, its chief executive officer (CEO) said.
In keeping with the amendments to the law on fully funded pension insurance, the Agency for Supervision of the Fully Funded Pension Insurance informs voluntary second pillar contributors born before 1 January 1967 they have the right to choose whether to continue being second pillar contributors or not by submitting a written statement.
Direct contributors are those who can pay health premiums while indirect contributors are those sponsored like senior citizens or indigents.
Released in 2017, The Adventures of Captain Contributor is a comprehensive education program designed to engage employees with their employer-sponsored healthcare benefits.
If you are close to being a major contributor and would like to gain access to the Major Donors reception in September, make your necessary donation no later than August 1, 2018, to receive your invitation.
The second article is by a long-time and recently-awarded contributor, William Head, who tells the story of Col.
The "minor contributor" DNA matched that of Scott's girlfriend, Shelby McLaughland.
The benefits paid will not, in any case, exceed expenses incurred by the contributor, it also states.
Haseena, Maruym, Nadia, Fakhra and Shahzadi played well with Haseen was the top contributor. Haseen scored 10 individual points, followed by Fakra with nine individual points including a three pointer.
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