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CONConfidence (as in con game)
CONContrast (TV)
CONCertificate Of Need (healthcare)
CONConsole (Includes Keyboard & Screen)
CONConcrete (survey)
CONConservation (politics)
CONConservative Party
CONCollege of Nursing (various locations)
CONCreatures of the Night
CONChronicles of Narnia (book & movie series)
CONCasino on Net
CONConseco (insurance)
CONCommonwealth of Nations
CONChampions of Norrath (game)
CONConservatorium of Music
CONCall of Nature
CONConfiguration File
CONConiunx (Latin: Consort)
CONCertificate of Networthiness (USAF system certification)
CONClan Ohne Namen (gaming clan)
CONChips on the Net
CONComputer Output Notification
CONPeakSimple Control (file extension)
CONConstraint Oriented Notation
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At other times though, I am able to relax my tightly controlled grip, so I can (in Miller's terms) actually dive into that crisis and welcome the Other in generosity, welcome the student and his or her text into my tightly controlled universe, and welcome the ensuing transformation.
The following is a short comparison between a frequency controlled AC drive system and the Hagglunds drive hydro-mechanical solution.
(19.) As of June 30, 2002, a branch that opened in the market in February 2002 already controlled $8.9 million in deposits, representing 2.1 percent of market deposits.
The underlying purpose of section 355 is to permit the tax-free division of pre-existing business arrangements among the historic shareholders.(5) Where a plan exists whereby taxpayers other than the historic shareholders of the distributing corporation will gain control of the controlled or distributed corporation, however, the legislative history of the 1997 Act expresses concern that "the transaction more closely resembles a corporate level disposition" than a rearrangement of continuing interests among existing shareholders(6).
Hilton Shuttleworth, a consolidation policy specialist for Deloitte & Touche, New Zealand, says "the criterion for identifying a subsidiary is control--meaning unilateral power and benefits--which both derive from ownership." He adds, "This is conceptually correct because the consolidated financial statements include all resources and operations controlled by the group.
355(d) to require Distributing to recognize gain on a "disqualified" distribution (one in which any person owns 50% or more of Distributing or Controlled) if the interest was acquired in a taxable transaction within five years of the distribution.
When the process is properly controlled, no conventional casting process can match the "deliverables" of lost foam.
Later that year, the Forest Service controlled certain beetle infestations on wilderness areas to protect adjacent private lands and red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) colonies.
But so long as this "noise" remains small, a controlled system, kept in line by a constant stream of nudges, stays under control.
Research undertaken by Levenson (1973) concluded that "subjects who had problems discerning what to expect from their parents had significantly more perceptions of the world as unordered--as controlled by fate or chance" (p.27).
Injection unit: Horizontal, reciprocating screw (electronically controlled DFE pump and proportional valve)
For purposes of this subpart, shares, assets or ownership interests acquired or controlled under section 4(k)(4)(H) and this subpart are referred to as "merchant banking investments." A financial holding company may not directly or indirectly acquire or control any merchant banking investment except in compliance with the requirements of this subpart.
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