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COOPCooperative (IRB)
COOPContinuity of Operations Plan
COOPContinuity of Operations
COOPCooperativa (Italian)
COOPCooperative Observer Program (National Weather Service)
COOPConcurrent Object-Oriented Programming
COOPCoastal Ocean Processes
COOPCoastal Ocean Observation Panel
COOPContingency Of Operations Plan
COOPCook's Petrel (bird species)
COOPCraft Of Opportunity Program
COOPContinuity of Operations Procedure
COOPCLIVAR Ocean Observing Panel
COOPConsideration of Others Program (US Army Intelligence and Security Command Human Relations Program)
COOPCritically Out of Position
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The conventional wisdom is that women cooperate more easily, but when you look at how armies or sports teams function, there is evidence that men are better at cooperating in some ways.
31, 2006, and if KPMG stays out of the tax shelter business and cooperates with officials in related cases, the case will be dropped.
Each criminal has two options: to cooperate with the other by keeping quiet or to defect by squealing on the other.
Without War," November-December 2002), says, "But the incentive should be a gradual lifting of sanctions and a pledge of no military attack if Iraq really cooperates.
1 and 2: "It is never lawful to do evil that good may come of it"; and "It is never licit to cooperate formally in evil.
After she continued to cooperate with anti-IRA efforts, McConville became one of 10 civilians in Belfast murdered and secretly buried by the "Unknowns," a secret cell within the IRA set up by Adams to carry out special tasks.
He begins by asking why people cooperate at all, leading the reader through potted histories of game theory and the evolution of altruism before getting back to technology.
Toyota and GM already cooperate in a wide range of fields.
Should the IRS come calling, it's best to cooperate as much as possible.
The Two Parties Will Cooperate in Proving Syntroleum GTL Technologies on a Commercial Industrial Scale, and upon Successful Application, Will Jointly Market the Technologies within China
Washington, July 6 ( ANI ): When deciding whether to cooperate with others, people do not act thinking in their own reward, as had been previously believed, but rather individuals are more influenced by their own mood at the time and by the number of individuals with whom they have cooperated before, a new study has revealed.
PDSH and NDR leaders Menduh Thaci and Rufi Osmani agreed Tuesday to cooperate in the future and announced forming of working group to harmonize the stances of the two parties.