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COOPCooperative (IRB)
COOPContinuity of Operations Plan
COOPContinuity of Operations
COOPCooperativa (Italian)
COOPCooperative Observer Program (National Weather Service)
COOPConcurrent Object-Oriented Programming
COOPCoastal Ocean Processes
COOPCoastal Ocean Observation Panel
COOPContingency Of Operations Plan
COOPCook's Petrel (bird species)
COOPCraft Of Opportunity Program
COOPContinuity of Operations Procedure
COOPCLIVAR Ocean Observing Panel
COOPConsideration of Others Program (US Army Intelligence and Security Command Human Relations Program)
COOPCritically Out of Position
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We felt the prod of gregarious instinct, the drawing together as though for united action, the impulse toward cooperation.
Here were we, drawn together by mutual rage and the impulse toward cooperation, led off into forgetfulness by the establishment of a rude rhythm.
In spite of their cunning philosophy and of their antlike proclivities for cooperation, Nature rejected them for the exceptional man.
Because you cannot without affirming what you wish to deny, namely, intelligent cooperation among the constituent elements of the crystals.
Often each guild had a 'pageant-house' where it stored its 'properties,' and a pageant-master who trained the actors and imposed substantial fines on members remiss in cooperation.
Let me see, it means something about cooperation, doesn't it?
It is unnecessarily shrill in its denunciation of entrepreneurs, it overemphasizes the role of old and very big manufacturing firms, and it embraces significantly increased cooperation between Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government without examining the down side of such major interest group collusion.
5- Memorandum of Understanding for industrial cooperation.
Creating and assessing strategies to enhance cooperation with stakeholders.
The economic cooperation between Guangdong Province and Hong Kong can be traced back to the 1980s, when Mainland China began to implement the reform and opening up policy.
Despite the positive dynamics of cooperation in agriculture, the sides noted a decline in the growth dynamics of mutual trade.
Iran's Caretaker Ambassador to Dushanbe Mahmoud Sadri in a meeting with Tajik Interior Minister Ramazan Rahimov on Wednesday discussed avenues to expand relations and cooperation between the two countries mainly in security affairs.
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