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COORDCoordination Drawing
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Even at the cognitive level, debates have ensued with respect to the latter issue, highlighting the heterogeneity of the coordinate bilingual experience and the importance of individual and contextual variables in this regard.
With the advent of the GPS, a geographic coordinate may be measured either as a distance above MSL or height above ellipsoid (HAE), which is the distance above or below the WGS-84 Ellipsoid.
Note, further, that once one has grasped the meaning of ratio and proportion, the insight readily can be repeated for a range of problems pertaining, for example, to classical Euclidean geometry, coordinate equations of lines, or even production ratios in an economy.
Why was the carbon coordinate system not adopted by everybody as the fundamental coordinate system, with C-H or C-C single bond as the length unit and the angle of the tetrahedron as the angle unit?
This can be handled by introducing another set of coordinates, [r.
These federal coordination efforts are designed to help state and local agencies coordinate some of the key federal programs, such as Health and Human Services' Medicaid program and Labor's programs under the Workforce Investment Act, with transportation services funded by the Department of Transportation.
At each touch, the computer records 3D coordinates to [+ or -]10 mils.
To his surprise, he found that multiplying each coordinate of a circle's center by the circle's curvature always produced an integer.
forces to coordinate not only with foreign militaries, but also serves as a vehicle to allow those militaries to enhance relationships with their counterparts in other ministries, primarily education and health, and the local populations.
In most cases, however, Internet shopping isn't quite there yet -- as HFN found in an informal browsing of retail Web sites, which showed a preponderance of traditional segmentation by product category, with very little cross-merchandising to help consumers coordinate their towels, their bath rugs, their shower curtain and their accessories.
Often an Industry Specialist has formulated a tentative position paper on the issue but has not completed the in-depth analysis or Chief Counsel review needed to formally coordinate the issue.
It is through this office and its staff that the complex network of organizational structures, people and programs that comprise the Association communicate and coordinate their efforts.
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