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COPRAConsumer Protection Act
COPRACommission on Peer Review and Accreditation (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration; Washington, DC)
COPRACustoms Overtime Pay Reform Act
COPRACombined Operations Personnel Records and Accounts
COPRACity of Phoenix Retirees Association (Arizona)
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Standardized total tract digestibility of phosphorus in copra expellers, palm kernel expellers, and cassava root fed to growing pigs.
The market of coconut derivatives in the world is dominated by the Philippines, known as the world's largest copra producer.
Copra can be used to make oils, and Campbell said there's a study being funded to see if that oil can be used for fuel.
This kind of project can also generate co-benefits boosting the local copra industry which is an important component of village-based economic development, currently in decline across the Pacific.
In his view, many traditional communities had become so dependent on copra that they ended up producing nothing else, using the little cash they earned to buy back fuel, soap and cooking oil, which could all be made from the coconut.
Unlike palm oil, which is grown in giant monoculture plantations, cocoa, copra (coconuts) and vanilla are cash crops that can be grown in village gardens, permaculture style, in-between other fruit and vegetables like banana, paw paw and cassava.
We shall therefore advise ministers in handling supplementary questions about whether Diego Garcia is inhabited to say there is only a small number of contract workers from the Seychelles and Mauritius engaged in work on the copra plantations on the island.
For an extra pounds 63 you can book the Healthworks Package which gives you a back, face and scalp massage, manicure and lunch voucher at the health club's CafA Copra (plus a bottle of bubbly if five friends book).
Here, for example, the copra industry is having major problems at the moment and the government is shoring up the price and it is costing a fortune.
The 680-ton ferry was carrying 243 passengers, 41 crew, 14 vehicles and sacks of dried copra, Gunio said, adding that at least 70 others were injured, with most suffering minor burns.