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CORMCouncil for Optical Radiation Measurements
CORMCenter of Reproductive Medicine (Texas)
CORMCommission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces
CORMControlled Oxidation of Radioactive Metal
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The corms lie dormant in the ground through the heat of the summer before pushing new growth in early fall.
Corm and Dean had been best friends since nursery school, and though we didn't say "I have your back" back then, suffice it to say, Dean had Corm's.
These purple-blossomed corms are available for pre-order in spring, purchased and shipped in fall, and planted in September within the Northern hemisphere.
Emergence in turn displayed positive correlation with corm weight and total yield.
CORMs have the potential to expand CO-based therapy to a range of high-value indications, can be administered orally or intravenously, and offer a very attractive therapeutic window and safety profile.
2009) verified that vegetative development and flower production were significantly influenced by corm size.
Corm -- whose collection comprises the work left in his father's studio after his death, including numerous sketches and studies and experimental and unfinished works.
Because of the increased use of cold-tender bulbs, corms and tubers in our gardens, as well as those that have a long history of use, it would be a good idea to review the steps needed to preserve them.
Saffron corms produce both fibrous roots and contractile roots.
Corm starts his discussion by showing the diversity of a region that has existed at the geographical level since ancient times.