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In particular, if we let L = [B.sub.k] be the general Boolean algebra in Corollary 37, then we will also obtain the following corollary which is just Theorem 4.1 in [24].
"By attenuating the impact our own voice has on our hearing - using the 'corollary discharge' prediction - our hearing can remain sensitive to other sounds," he said.
For [alpha] = 1/2, [lambda] = 0 in above corollary, we get:
Corollary 2 If (X, T) is a countable space, then [T.sub.[zeta]] is the discrete topology.
Considering this corollary, we give the following remark.
Corollary 5B: Give our books as Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Christmas presents.
It is well known (see, for example, [1], Lemma 1.11; [2], Corollary 2; or [8], Theorem 3.3) that all p-normed algebras with p [member of] (0,1], all locally m-convex algebras, all locally convex Frechet algebras, all locally m-pseudoconvex algebras and many more general topological algebras are Gelfand-Mazur algebras.
Using the previous theorem and (5) we immediately obtain the following corollary.
By Corollary 3.2, n [??] n - m, f [??] [f.sup.(m)], [f.sup.(k)] [??] [f.sup.(k+m)] into (3.1).
This Corollary was first published in [25, relations (5)-(8), p.
The tension between our knowledge of the piece as premeditated and our experience of it as seemingly wrought by arbitrary, uncontrollable forces--whether genuinely natural or the "spontaneous" work of the artist--was a smart corollary to the equipoise between stasis and (implied) motion in Comber itself.
Recently, Cerone and Dragomir [3, Corollary 2.4 and Corollary 2.8] proved the following one-point open Newton-Cotes tpye inequalities for mappings of bounded variation: