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CORPUSCorps of Reserve Priests United for Service
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But the English lawyers had decided that Parliament was omnipotent--and Parliament, in its omnipotence, instead of trial by jury and the Habeas Corpus, enacted admiralty courts in England to try Americans for offences charged against them as committed in America; instead of the privileges of Magna Charta, nullified the charter itself of Massachusetts Bay; shut up the port of Boston; sent armies and navies to keep the peace and teach the colonies that John Hampden was a rebel and Algernon Sidney a traitor.
The trial by jury in criminal cases, aided by the habeas corpus act, seems therefore to be alone concerned in the question.
Among the topics are the effect of task and topic on opportunity of use in learner corpora, investigating the effect of the study-abroad variable on learner output: a pseudo-longitudinal study of spoken German learner English, self-repetitions in learners' spoken language: a corpus-based study, and beyond frequencies: investigating the semantic and stylistic features of phrasal verbs in a three-year longitudinal study corpus by Chinese university students.
The term corpus stylistics, usually regarded as a near-synonym for stylometry, stylometrics, statistical stylistics, or stylogenetics, is closely related to statistics and corpus linguistics.
Pin Oak Corpus Christi LLC, a portfolio company of Pelican Advisors LLC, has completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the equity interests in Gravity Midstream Corpus Christi LLC from EnCap Flatrock Midstream, a venture capital firm based in San Antonio.
In a report published in April 2015, inspectors hailed the school's 'extremely high' attendance levels and Corpus Christi's 'very strong caring and inclusive ethos' that promoted high expectations for all of the school's pupils.
The majority of teachers lacks the understanding of the corpus, and lacks the necessary technical training for the application of corpus in English teaching, which makes it difficult to popularize the corpus (Susan, 2012).
As our premier fundraising event in the Corpus Christi area, the Heart Ball allows us to share our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease, in a convivial forum, said Corpus Christi American Heart Association Executive Director Erin Wilder.
The company plans to end services in Corpus Christi on Sunday, two hours before the new law goes into affect, according to the Corpus Christi Caller Times.
Nos encontramos ante un monografico que recoge resultados del analisis del corpus COVALT (Corpus Valencia de Literatura Traduida), corpus desarrollado por un grupo de profesores de la Universitat Jaume I de Castellon reunidos en el grupo de investigacion homonimo.
The strength of corpus can be defined as the large collection of natural language texts, where the genre of text may be handwritten, spoken and printed to characterize all hypothesis about the language.