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CORPUSCorps of Reserve Priests United for Service
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In a report published in April, inspectors hailed the school's 'extremely high' attendance levels and Corpus Christi's 'very strong caring and inclusive ethos' that promotes high expectations for all pupils.
As Web corpus acquisition is much less controlled than that for traditional corpora, the necessity of analysing their content gains in significance.
As part of the move, East Texas regional manager for Commercial Banking, Dan Brown, has relocated to Corpus Christi.
8220;Practice makes perfect” is a mantra for Corpus Christi students of Bella's top cosmetology school.
South Texas cities like San Antonio and Corpus Christi have a low proportion of foreign-born Hispanic residents because that part of the state has been Hispanic for so long, said Steve Murdock, the director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University.
I'm pleased M&G Group has chosen Corpus Christi as the location of its new North American plant, creating hundreds of jobs for Texans and further strengthening our state economy, and wish them continued success at this new facility," said Governor Rick Perry of Texas.
Normal development of the corpus callosum in infancy.
Para atingir este objetivo, o artigo apresenta primeiramente um breve historico da pesquisa de textos eletronicos produzidos por aprendizes de lingua estrangeira, area da Linguistica de Corpus tambem chamada de pesquisa em 'corpora de aprendiz'.
Doesn't that mean you have the right of habeas corpus unless there's an invasion or rebellion?
CORPUS consists of a 35 meter high human figure that is partly embedded in a transparent building (for images: www.
It began the practice of Corpus Christi carpets in the 1950s, laying down one color of sawdust on a narrow sidewalk along the side of the church.
Building such a restricted corpus is crucial, as Thompson (2002, 15) and Hunston (2002, 4) assert, in the ESP learning setting.