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This combination will provide Whitney Correlate with access to a larger global client base and the best intelligence and research platform in the industry, while Options Group will strengthen its global investment banking and capital markets practices.
More than half of patients (58%) reported pain levels during movement that did not correlate with the level of functional activity indicated by their ODI score.
We agree that, in general, CT evidence of CRS correlates poorly with symptom scores, and we have elaborated on this in some detail in a large recent study (Bhattacharyya N.
Add-on modules collect, normalize, correlate and analyze data from virtually any security device, the company says.
Therefore, it is perhaps important for educators to understand students' interests and their respective correlates. One potential student interest recently identified as an area of psychological research is interest in watching the night-sky.
This book wants to correlate highly complex material, biblical, doctrinal, and from the social sciences and biology.
Neil Rosenberg, a NIDA-sponsored scientist working at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, wanted to find out which parts of the brain solvents damage and how the damage correlates with loss of mental functioning.
* Thirty-one percent of internal communicators correlate the results of their measurements with HR data, and 24 percent correlate with marketing.
Ring-width chronologies of these species correlate positively with summer temperature and the PDO, and correlate negatively with winter precipitation, spring snowpack depth, and glacier mass balance (Lewis, 2001; Peterson and Peterson, 2001; Gedalof et al., 2002; Peterson et al., 2002).
CHICAGO -- Magnetic resonance imaging results correlate significantly with clinical findings in patients with psoriatic arthropathy, suggesting that the technology may have a role to play in guiding care, Dr.
The purpose of this test was to correlate the modulus values of various polyurethanes with their durometer (ref.