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CORTEXCenter of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise (biotechnology; Missouri)
CORTEXConcurrent Real Time Executive
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Strauch and Manahan-Vaughan examined if the piriform cortex of rats is capable of expressing synaptic plasticity and if this change lasts for more than four hours; indicating that long-term memory may have been established.
At the helm of ARM's new portfolio resides the Cortex A75 chipset.
Based on the new findings, it is the cerebral cortex, not the hippocampus that is the storage site for some forms of memory.
Functional aspects of cerebral cortex lobes and areas
Like all Axon products, the evolution of Cortex has been heavily influenced by customer feedback.
Accordingly, reductions were seen in the occipital cortex and midbrain, whereas an increase was obtained in the temporal cortex (Figure 1B).
He posits, for example, that certain layers of the cortex contain neurons that become activated in anticipation of a sensory input.
Hearing loss often occurs with acute tinnitus, whereas chronic tinnitus may be the result of a central auditory dysfunction or a cortex reorganization.
Ziad Nahas said at the annual meeting of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Preliminary data from a study of 10 nondemented, depressed patients, however, show that TMS may be effective when the distance from the skull to the cortex is used to adjust stimulation intensity.