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COSHHyperbolic Cosine
COSHCouncil on Smoking and Health
COSHCouncil for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee for Occupational Safety and Health
COSHCommittee on School Health
COSHControl of Substances and Hazards
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90) Likewise, while Cosh might help to select or source much-needed broadcasting equipment, payment was the responsibility of each individual broadcaster.
In some months up to 30 new DR cases were identified at CoSH, which placed an unmanageable load on the provincial King George V MDR-TB hospital in Durban.
Pauchay's lawyer is the idea behind a sentencing circle is that the accused is supposed to confront the people he's wronged," said Cosh.
Lee struck Mr Murphy over the head with an extendable metal cosh.
They have all denied violent disorder and Newby has also denied possession of the knuckleduster and cosh.
Also, another COSH Training was held on June 6-10, 2016 in Butuan City for private and government establishments.
In the early 1930s, COSH was established on an undeveloped site by Dr George William Gale, who was born in Durban but had studied medicine on a scholarship in Edinburgh.
They are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court with associate Jennifer Cosh.
One went into the house armed with a cosh and used a knife from the kitchen to threaten the woman and make her hand over cash.
He coaxed her into the garage to discuss the break-up and when she tried to get out of the chair, he hit her over the head with a rubber cosh, Preston Crown Court heard.
They were hit with a cosh and threatened with what is believed to be a gun before the pair fled.