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With the increase in solar activity, the primary cosmic ray intensity has decreased by 9 per cent during the past 150 years leading to lesser cloud cover and reduced albedo radiation being reflected back into space.
The frequency of galactic cosmic rays hitting the earth is inversely correlated with solar activity (Wang, Sheeley, & Rouillard, 2006), which peaks once about every 11 years when the sun flips its magnetic pole (Howard & Labonte, 1980).
For the new study, the observatory recorded 27 ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.
Cosmic Boogie every Thursday at Geisha from 10pm-2am.
Some physicists use "anthropic" reasoning to narrow unknown quantities in cosmic parameters; if they were outside some range, we would not be here ("we" being carbon-based life, and "here" being the observable universe).
Reiki is described by its advocates as an all-present cosmic "energy" or "life force," and also as a supernatural knowledge and wisdom that comes from God.
John says that "God is a spirit," and we know the "cosmic Christ" of Colossians.
But on a broader plane the whole painting, and similar ones of the time, depict humans built in God's image and undergoing a cosmic process, from initial creation of the universe through ancient times to the present.
'Effectively we live on a very large collection of cosmic dust grains and yet, until now, we have not been sure where cosmic dust is made.
According to Vedic legend, it is the first creature: Before the origin of the world, Vishnu sleeps stretched out on a cushion of rolled-up snake coils, floating in the cosmic ocean.
The multitude they move among pays them no attention, unaware that this day these two are setting forth on a cosmic journey that will traverse an incomprehensible expanse of space and time, impacting events on this world and others.
God was seen as a kind of cosmic person who created the world, who loved humankind and hence entered directly into human history itself to bring salvation to us.