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COSTARSCooperative Sourcing to Achieve Reductions in Spend (Pennsylvania)
COSTARSCombined Sensors Target Acquisition, Recognition, Strike
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Since 2009, a collaboration between the Department of General Services Bureau of Procurement and the Penn State Facilities Engineering Institute (PSFEI) has competitively bid and awarded contracts for more than 7,000 electricity accounts among state government and a limited number of COSTARS members saving $4 million annually through 2019.
Founded in 1987, CoStar Group is the leading provider of commercial real estate information and marketplaces combining research, technology and powerful marketing to connect commercial real estate professionals with the data, insights, networking and leads they need to succeed.
COSTARS IT Commodity Specialist, Roxann MacAvoy, said, "Companies must be determined to be 'responsive and responsible' before a COSTARS contract can be awarded.
HFF) announced today that it has been recognized by NAIOPs Central Florida Chapter in its Best of the Best 2015 Commercial Real Estate Awards program and by CoStar in its annual Power Brokers Awards.