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COTHChronicle of the Horse (est. 1937; equestrian newspaper)
COTHHyperbolic Cotangent
COTHCouncil of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems
COTHCall of the Haunted (Yugioh card game)
COTHCall of the Heard (gaming)
COTHCoups Thématiques
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coth (1/6) = 3 [square root of] e + 1 / [square root of] e - 1 = 6 + 1/8 + 1/30 + 1/42 .
COTH Line: Bankruptcy at the Allegheny Health System: An 'Aberration' or a Glimpse of the Future?
pounds sterling]([beta]) = coth [beta] - 1/[beta]; [beta]= [[pounds sterling].
COtH "Punters came for Camelot, Orfevre and then, with torrential rain on Saturday, Great Heavens.
z=[lambda]] = 0; that is: [lambda] coth [lambda] = n / v.
1] is the inverse of the Langevin function defined as L (x) = coth x-l/x.