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CLLRCounty of Last Legal Residence (prisoner parole)
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CLLRCell of Last Location Registration
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You are aware," breathed out Councillor Mikulin, making the point softly, as if with discretion, but making it nevertheless plainly enough, as if he too were put off his guard by Razumov's remark.
Again Councillor Mikulin glanced down his beard with a faint grimace; but he did not pause for long.
"I don't understand." Councillor Mikulin turned squarely to the table, and taking up some sheets of grey foolscap dropped them one after another, retaining only the last in his hand.
Razumov stared with enormous wide eyes at the side view of Councillor Mikulin, who now was not looking at him at all.
Councillor Mikulin threw back his head into proper focus and went on reading monotonously: "Question--Has the man well known to you, in whose rooms you remained for several hours on Monday and on whose information you have been arrested--has he had any previous knowledge of your intention to commit a political murder?.
Councillor Mikulin dropped the page of foolscap, glanced down his beard, and turning to Razumov, added in an easy, explanatory tone--
Councillor Mikulin shrugged his shoulders slightly, and Razumov got up with an effort.
Councillor Mikulin's arms were stretched out on the table before him and his body leaned forward a little with an effort of his dim gaze.
The silence and immobility of Councillor Mikulin impressed him.
The dimness of Councillor Mikulin's eyes seemed to spread all over his face and made it indistinct to Razumov's sight.
Now, I'll leave it to you, Councillor, to judge between us as a Bodymaster should."
"Easy, Councillor! For heaven's sake, go easy!" he cried, as he dragged him back.
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