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CAOChief Administrative Officer (corporate title)
CAOCentral Applications Office (student placements in Irish universities)
CAOCalcium Oxide
CAOConception Assistée par Ordinateur (French: Computer-Aided Design)
CAOCounty Administrative Officer
CAOCollectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst (Dutch)
CAOChief Accounting Officer (job title)
CAOChief Academic Officer
CAOCounty Assistance Office (Pennsylvania)
CAOCentral Auditing Organization (Egypt)
CAOControl Applications of Optimization (conference)
CAOCivil Aviation Organisation (various locations)
CAOComputer Assisted Ordering
CAOCritical Areas Ordinance (Washington)
CAOContract Administration Office(r)
CAOCivil Affairs Officer (US DoD)
CAOCanadian Association of Optometrists
CAOCleanup and Abatement Order
CAOCommunity Action Organization (Buffalo, NY)
CAOCommission d'Appel d'Offres (France)
CAOCurrent As Of
CAOChina Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd.
CAOCanadian Association of Orthodontists
CAOComputer-Assisted Ordering
CAOComputer-Aided Optimization
CAOCounty Attorney's Office
CAOCamarillo Academic Olympics (California)
CAOCultural Affairs Officer (U.S. State Department, Public Affairs)
CAOCarlsbad Area Office
CAOCivil Aviation Order
CAOChief Alliance Officer (various meanings)
CAOCorrective Action Order
CAOCargo Aircraft Only
CAOCouncil Appointed Officials (Palo Alto, CA)
CAOCano A. Ozgener (cigar)
CAOChief Actuarial Officer (various companies)
CAOChief Analytics Officer
CAOCounterair Operation (US DoD)
CAOCustoms Administrative Order (Philippines)
CAOCentral Accounting Office
CAOCasualty Assistance Office
CAOClub Atlético Osasuna (Spanish football team)
CAOConcentrated Animal Operation (Pennsylvania)
CAOCivil Affairs Operations (US DoD)
CAOCentre Afrika Obota (French; African development group)
CAOCompetency Aligned Organization (NAVAIR)
CAOCompany Announcement Office
CAOCenter for Applied Optics (University of Alabama; Huntsville, AL)
CAOCalifornia Academy of Ophthalmology
CAOChad Allen Online (fan site)
CAOCustomer Assistance Office
CAOCitizens' Aide Ombudsman (Iowa)
CAOCorrect Answer Only (examination marking schemes)
CAOClient Advocacy Office (various organizations)
CAOChange of Appointing Office (manpower/personnel)
CAOChukotka Autonomous Okrug (Russian region)
CAOCombat Air Operations
CAOClassification Advisory Officer (US NSA)
CAOCounter Air Operation
CAOCoordination of Atomic Operations
CAOCentral Asia Ovtcharka (dog breed)
CAOCatering for All Occasions (Estes Park, CO)
CAOConscious, Alert, and Oriented
CAOCommand Assist Official
CAOCase Administering Office (US Foreign Military Sales)
CAOCrisis Action Officer
CAOCollateral Action Office(r)
CAOContract Administrative Officer
CAOCircum-Atlantic Project
CAOCost Analysis Organization
CAOCorrections Auxiliary Officer
CAOChief Advisement Officer
CAOCollege Art Online (Paradise Valley, AZ)
CAOCercle d'Aviron Oléronais (French rowing club; Chateau d'Oleron, France)
CAOCentral Adjudication Office
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IAMD was subsequently incorporated into Air Force Doctrine Annex 3-01, Counterair Operations.
For this article, we define aircraft that fall into the DOD UAS Category 1 (weighing less than 20 pounds) as an sUAS6 because the interdiction of larger than Category 1 aircraft quickly approaches traditional defensive counterair operations.
F-35Bs operating from M-FARPs will often achieve their best successes as elements of broader air-component information, surveillance, reconnaissance, counterair and air-defense missile, and counterair operations.
Higher headquarters concluded that P-51-equipped units in the future would focus on higher-altitude counterair operations.
However, the assessment of these developments illustrates that the PLA is shifting from a strategy of providing point defense of key military, industrial, and political targets to a new joint antiair/antiaccess strategy based on a modern, integrated air defense system capable of offensive and defensive counterair operations.
According to AFDD 3-01, Counterair Operations, "Control of the air is normally one of the first priorities of the joint force.
Obviously as well (and by some standards anachronistic if anyone ever thought about it), Air Force fighters cannot conduct counterair operations at anywhere near the same intercontinental ranges at which bombers and transports operate--a clear contrast to the Navy's capability.
For an overview of air superiority as well as offensive and defensive counterair operations, see JP 3-01, Countering Air and Missile Threats, 5 February 2007, chap.
42) This has led to the speculation that armed UAVs/UCAVs will play a role in counterair operations (and by extension as air superiority fighters in the future).
Like counterair operations, counterspace operations have offensive and defensive components.
Just as we gain and maintain air superiority through offensive and defensive counterair operations, so do we achieve space superiority through offensive and defensive counterspace operations.