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where Pc = the backpressure built up in the counterbore as the plug enters it, and [A.sub.c] = the effective area under pressure.
This is followed by a two-pass drilling operation to produce the counterbore and the bolthole.
The outer diameter of the diaphragm is contained by a counterbore in the valve body, a design that controls diaphragm extrusion and further sustains seal integrity during thermal cycling.
The AD requires measuring the diameter of the hole counterbore of the outboard idler hinge fitting of the left and right wing flap; the performance of repetitive high frequency eddy current inspections to detect cracks at the flap idler hinge fitting if necessary and replacement of the flap idler hinge fitting with a new like part if any crack is detected.
That doesn't mean later guns without the counterbore and pinning aren't good.
The MIL-C-87104/2 male connector has a 0.0075[inches] counterbore on the mating surface of the outer conductor.
Of course, the counterbore at the breech end of the barrel was no longer needed.
The counterbore wall at the nose of the bolt created a partial propellant gas seal by expanding to a tight fit with the counterbore wall of the barrel.
Figure 17 shows the velocity profile outside of the counterbore as function of the distance from the hole center.
This seat is outward against the counterbore. When the handgun grip panels are seated properly, the compressed O ring isolates the grip panel from the grip screw bushing with a rubber cushion that prevents contact between the bushing and the grip panels as the gun is fired.
Backflow of ambient gas (100% N2) into the counterbore regions was inferred in the numerical analysis of these papers.