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CCWCountryside Council for Wales
CCWConvention on Certain Conventional Weapons
CCWCarrying a Concealed Weapon
CCWConstructive Criticism Welcome (social media)
CCWConsumer Council for Water (UK)
CCWCatholic College Wodonga (Australia)
CCWConvention on Conventional Weapons
CCWCertain Conventional Weapons
CCWContinuous Composite Write Once
CCWCounter Clockwise
CCWCustom Control for Windows
CCWCouncil of Catholic Women
CCWConcealed Carry Weapons (permit to carry concealed weapon)
CCWCommittee on Concerns of Women (various schools)
CCWCOM Callable Wrapper
CCWCyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru (Welsh: Counryside Council for Wales)
CCWCoal Combustion Waste
CCWClose Combat Weapon (gaming)
CCWCarlisle Coatings & Waterproofing, Inc. (Elberton, GA)
CCWComputer Communications Workshop (IEEE)
CCWCadet College Warsak (Pakistan)
CCWChild Care Worker
CCWComplete Custom Wheel (automotive product company; Holly Hill, FL)
CCWChannel Command Word
CCWCenter on Conscience and War
CCWChurch and Community Worker
CCWCoastal Championship Wrestling (Florida)
CCWCancel Call Waiting (Telephone)
CCWCommand and Control Wing (US Air Force)
CCWComponent Cooling Water
CCWChrist Church Waterfall (South Africa)
CCWCenter for the Childcare Workforce
CCWCold Carcass Weight
CCWCure Critical Wound (gaming)
CCWCanadian Construction Women
CCWChester County Women (West Chester, PA)
CCWConstituent Concentrations in Wastes
CCWCute Crush Wednesday
CCWCurriculum Council for Wales (now ACCAC)
CCWContinuous Composite Worm
CCWCall Center Week (conference)
CCWCommunauté de Communes du Warndt (French municipality federation)
CCWConvention Against Chemical Weapons
CCWContinuous Carrier Wave
CCWCollectif des Câblés Wanadoo (French: Wanadoo Wired Collective; Cable Wanadoo user association collective)
CCWCable Cutoff Wavelength
CCWCleveland Clinic Wooster (Ohio)
CCWCold Coastal Waters
CCWChief Clancy Wiggum (Simpsons cartoon)
CCWCommand & Control Warfare
CCWCricklade Country Way (UK)
CCWConfédération Construction Wallone (French: Wallonia Construction Confederation; Belgium)
CCWCurriculum Critique Worksheet
CCWCharge Current Wave (type of Hartree-Fock wave function)
CCWCorrugated Circular Waveguide
CCWCoherent Carrier Wave
CCWCommand/Control Workstation
CCWCreating Common Wealth
CCWConservation Center for Westchester
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Nearly 99 percent of well-developed tornadoes spin counterclockwise.
Centrifugal force due to counterclockwise movement would help this suction.
After 2 years of postoperative, the outcomes of the patients I and II showed, respectively, alterations of OP by clockwise (Figures 4(a)-4(g) and counterclockwise rotations of the MMC (Figures 5(a)-5(g)).
Earlier in the afternoon, twist the sky a bit counterclockwise.
counterclockwise. Which may be how the earth revolves around the sun,
Each experimental condition was repeated three times in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
He added that prior to impacting the school building, the airplane banked in a counterclockwise direction.
In a 3D motion analysis of the turn, they found that the dancers mainly controlled the rotational speed by swinging the free or gesturing leg laterally through torque exertion at the hip joint of the leg in clockwise and then counterclockwise directions, and that they supplied an angular impulse mainly to the gesturing leg during the swing when flexing the supporting leg and keeping their foot flat on the plate.
Followers of the Jain and Bvnpo religions circumambulate the mountain in a counterclockwise direction.
In her latest book, Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility, Langer describes a second experiment that raises possibilities about the mind's effect on aging and function.
Macedonia is a country that always goes counterclockwise, Sali Shasivari comments in his editorial.
Air-to-spring models can be configured for spring clockwise or spring counterclockwise rotation, simply by reversing the internal pistons and rotating the pinion gear and output shaft.