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Once cooled, install the screws with red Loctite, making sure the oval head bottoms out in the countersink. Clean away the excess Loctite and set aside for a day to allow the Loctite to set.
In particular, efforts were concentrated to quantify expansion and retraction phenomena in countersinking process by analyzing the evolution of hole diameter, sheet thickness near countersink and diameter of workpiece.
Pilot holes reduce the risk of splitting boards and allow you to get tighter-fitting, better-looking joints (especially if you use a countersink bit).
Countersink 1 1/4-inch deck screws through boards, 3/4 inch in from each edge, to stop and frame bottom.
Position two Kallax shelving units back to back and fasten them to the base with flat-head sheet metal screws after drilling countersink pilot holes through the Kallax frames (Step 2).
You'll need two or three screws on each batten, and remember to countersink for a neat finish.
Drill and countersink horizontal slats ready for screwing into the side runner.
Fleximill indexable countersink and chamfering tools can countersink and chamfer any angle between 10 deg and 80 deg.
Countersink all nails, fill with putty, then sand and seal with primer.
Get a friend to help hold the headboard in position, centred with the legs and drill and countersink and attach the legs to the reverse side of the headboard using 2" No 10 screws.
You will be using a hole saw to countersink these brace ends, so it's important not to change their order once you've established them (see measurements in figures 1 and 2).