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Flat countersunk screws, for instance, can be driven flush with or even below the surface of the material.
Fasteners looked at are pins, standard head fasteners, countersunk fasteners, self-piercing rivets, and interference fasteners.
When each countersunk screw is driven home, the head fits flush with the surface of the wood.
It also has a button to let you select settings for flush or countersunk nailheads.
Countersunk rivets and a hardened steel shackle provide added protection, while a paracentric keyway with drill protection makes the lock difficult to pick.
The AE-MaxTite[R] rivet nuts and countersunk fasteners are said to permit installation even after plating or finishing.
This is achieved by using a series of countersunk bolts at the corners of the glass panels with 902 austenitic stainless-steel fittings.
The nuts are available as flat head, or for ease of cleaning flush finish countersunk and low profile heads.
The inserts are held in position by a simple and economical locking screw that is countersunk so that no parts restrict chip flow.