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CSVComma Separated Value(s) (database export/import format and file extension)
CSVComma Separated Variable
CSVCommunity Service Volunteers (UK)
CSVComputing Services (university department)
CSVCash Surrender Value (insurance)
CSVCold Start Valve (automotive engineering)
CSVCircuit Switched Voice
CSVCertified Server Validation
CSVComputerized Systems Validation
CSVConfederación Sudamericana de Vóleibol
CSVClerics of St. Viator (religious order)
CSVCommon Service Verb
CSVCustomer Site Visit
CSVCombat Support Vehicle
CSVCapacity Selector Valve
CSVCommunity Support Volunteer
CSVCareer Service Vitae
CSVCreating Superior Value (workshops)
CSVContents Supervision (IBM mainframes)
CSVCorona Start Voltage
CSVChannel Soft Value(s)
CSVChristlich-Soziale Vollekspartei (German: Christian Social People's Party, Luxembourg)
CSVCombustion Sampling Valve (automotive)
CSVConventional Steering Vector
CSVColon-Separated Value(s) (less common)
CSVClub Sportif de Villedieu (French sports club)
CSVConcentric Standing Valve (oil industry)
CSVCharacter Separated Values (data format)
CSVCircuit Switcher Vertical (Southern States, LLC)
CSVChevrolet Special Vehicle
CSVCentre de Secours Virtuel (French: Virtual Relief Center)
CSVCreating Shared Value
CSVClub Sportif de Viriat (French sports club)
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The stalker sprints around a corner, trailed by one of the countersurveillance guys.
Headley attended the following training camps operated by Lashkar: a three- week course starting in February 2002 that provided indoctrination on the merits of waging jihad; a threeweek course starting in August 2002 that provided training in the use of weapons and grenades; a three- month course starting in April 2003 that taught close combat tactics, the use of weapons and grenades and survival skills; a three- week course starting in August 2003 that taught countersurveillance skills; and a threemonth course starting in December 2003 that provided combat and tactical training," said the plea agreement presented in the US court.
An effective law enforcement technique, especially in circumstances where suspects engage in countersurveillance or where physical surveillance by law enforcement personnel is operationally impractical, is to affix a video camera to a utility pole.
It also constitutes a critical base for electronic surveillance as well as countersurveillance operations to detect and disable Israeli monitoring and jamming.
As such, Mexican drug cartels have acquired expertise in countersurveillance operations.
DHS's programs include site inspections, countersurveillance training, and the Tripwire program, a Web-based portal providing law enforcement and bomb disposal units with the most current intelligence on IEDs, their constituent materials, and terrorist methods.
Often the best way of protecting potential targets is to anticipate attacks against them by countersurveillance (or "counterreconnaissance"), then to pre-empt or ambush the attackers.
Los Angeles transit police deployed more officers, increased patrols at Union Station and the Seventh Street and Metro transit hubs and assigned countersurveillance teams to look for suspicious commuters.
Critics said the rarely seen documentation of the contracts--some of which detailed company mandates for soldiers to conduct countersurveillance operations against the local population--was proof that Ecuador's military is a private army for oil firms.
Recent emails have included the words Yuma 'In Cuba, a nickname for the United States,' smitty 'a type of automobile muffler known for its (powerful or resonant) sound,' noodle 'to hunt bare-handed in water for fish or turtles,' sousveillance 'the watching of the watchers by the watched; countersurveillance by people not in positions of power or authority,' zhingzhong 'merchandise made in Asia; cheaply made, inexpensive, or substandard goods,' and murderabilia 'collectibles from, by, or about murders, murderers, or violent crimes.
Participants will learn to build a security detail, incorporate countersurveillance techniques into their daily routine and review emergency medical techniques.