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WHILE HEMP HOUSES HAVE DEEP stages, they cannot hang as many set pieces as theatres with modern counterweight systems because, since the bulky sandbags require a lot more space, those theatres have fewer "line sets" from which to hang.
It was because the increase of counterweight could increase the distributed mass of concrete beams.
Caption: The counterweight shaft includes a section of lead-in threads designed to lessen the chance of cross-threading when attaching to the mount.
At the moment, the historic record does not indicate whether Volland made its own counterweight rigging hardware or installed systems purchased elsewhere (see Cincinnati 1 image).
The PL83 and PL87 feature well-appointed operator stations with a redesigned joystick that places all boom, hook and counterweight functions in a single right-hand control lever.
While Norton said, they'd never completely abandon the counterweight business that has made them what they are today, they would like to see their share of the engineered casting market continue to grow.
If you add 10 kg to your counterweight, what's the new maximum distance that the 2-kg pumpkin will travel?
This kit contains clips and counterweights that, when placed at the right point on a blade, will stop the wobble.
A counterweight is attached to the shorter arm and a sling containing the ammunition is attached to the longer arm.
No wonder Latin American nations are eagerly wooing the world's newest superpower, both as a parking spot for some of China's staggering $600 billion in foreign reserves and as a welcome counterweight to Western nations.
The Kit includes two composite end caps and an elastomeric counterweight which is used to fine-tune balance and reduce shock and vibration.
For maximum practicality, the whole cab can be tilted backwards hydraulically over the counterweight in only 40 seconds to give full service access to the engine compartment.