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VectorCAST/Coupling automates the process, providing greater efficiency and faster time to market benefits and generates the Couples Report and Coupling Coverage Report required according to the DO-178C specification.
In this paper, we present a new negative inter-resonator coupling structure for substrate-integrated waveguide resonators.
When we feel like it, we turn the coupling laser back on .
The ribbed style, relatively unchanged in form and function, remains the coupling of choice for large-shaft applications; however, economics argues against its use for shaft diameters of two inches or less.
The coupling property of an aperture depends upon its geometry.
And, in some cases, Ricker said, a single-piece beam coupling could work in a smaller space than an equivalent bellows coupling, making for lower inertia.
A roller chain coupling consists of two special sprockets, a strand of double-width roller chain, and a protective cover.
The Xoomsys solution employs distributed processing and customers' qualified circuit simulators to deliver scalable performance for accurate simulation of circuits with high dynamic coupling.
The miniature single piece flexible coupling developed by RELI-A-FLEX of Baldwin, NY, provides an alternate solution to the bellows coupling with higher torque capability, longer life capability, lower unit price and near equivalent performance in other important operating parameters.
Coupling a driver and driven shaft would be simple in a world in which machines don't vibrate and shafts are flawlessly aligned and don't move in and out like pistons.
Calcultions by Sandia's Dan Aeschliman indicate that if only the injection wells already in use were insulated at these couplings, U.