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CoVECentre of Vocational Excellence
CoVECollaborative Virtual Environment
CoVEConning Officer Virtual Environment
CoVECode Verification
CoVECenter for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (Colgate University; Hamilton, NY)
CoVECERES Ocean Validation Experiment
CoVECommunity of Vermont Elders
CoVECommittee on Value and Evaluation
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"But how did you ever find your way to Bierce's Cove?" he was curious to know.
We're pretty proud of this cove. Nobody ever comes here but ourselves."
"We can't see it yet--the belt of birch running up from that little cove hides it.
As such a weary ship in the calmest cove, so do I also now repose, nigh to the earth, faithful, trusting, waiting, bound to it with the lightest threads.
All day he hung round the cove or upon the cliffs with a brass telescope; all evening he sat in a corner of the parlour next the fire and drank rum and water very strong.
On stormy nights, when the wind shook the four corners of the house and the surf roared along the cove and up the cliffs, I would see him in a thousand forms, and with a thousand diabolical expressions.
Great black clouds were rolling across the heavens, and squalls of rain, with hail, swept by us with such extreme violence, that the Captain determined to run into Wigwam Cove. This is a snug little harbour, not far from Cape Horn; and here, at Christmas-eve, we anchored in smooth water.
-- Close by the Cove, a pointed hill, called Kater's Peak, rises to the height of 1700 feet.
'If you don't take pocket-handkechers and watches,' said the Dodger, reducing his conversation to the level of Oliver's capacity, 'some other cove will; so that the coves that lose 'em will be all the worse, and you'll be all the worse, too, and nobody half a ha'p'orth the better, except the chaps wot gets them--and you've just as good a right to them as they have.'
So the ten war prahus of the Malay pulled quietly out of the little cove upon the east side of the island, and bending their way toward the south circled its southern extremity and bore away for Borneo.
At length they came to a small cove, or rather indent of the shore.
Of five coves, three, or all which had been sounded, were observed to have a bar quite across their mouths and deeper water within, so that the bay tended to be an expansion of water within the land not only horizontally but vertically, and to form a basin or independent pond, the direction of the two capes showing the course of the bar.